Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nuance Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation

While at CVS a week ago, I had picked up two things from Selma Hayek's beauty line. One of those things was the flawless liquid foundation in Light Warm. I wasn't planning on buying it since one of my goals was to not buy anymore foundation but as you can see... I failed.... Anyways... let's get back on track.

Description: With skin adapting technology. Minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines while delivering a radiant glow. Inspired by my grandmother, my products are designed to help every woman enhance the nuances that define her individual beauty. - Salma. Skin adapting technology balances tone, allowing your skin''s natural pigments to show through. HydraCell complex with apple and lentil extracts provides instant long-lasting hydration. Pearl extract imparts a smooth, radiant finish. Hypoallergenic. Paraben free. Dermatologist tested. Not tested on animals.

I think what drawn me to it was that I don't hear a lot(if any) about this particular brand in blogs that I've read and I haven't even seen a review on this foundation either. Probably cause it's still quite new. 

When I initially used this, I had a hard time with it. It was very creamy and it came out heavy and thick. I'm not used to heavy foundation since I prefer to keep it light. The coverage for this is medium to full which explains why it's more on the thicker side. 

Upon application, it was really hard to blend. It didn't go on smoothly and it took a lot of buffing to make it look natural and to spread evenly. The best way I found to apply this with is using a beauty blender. I found that when applying it with my beauty blender, it was a lot less buffing. The second best way was using a wet stippling brush(I used my real technique's stippling brush). 

I do suggest to warm the foundation on the back of your hand before applying. It made a big difference for me since it helped spread a lot more smoothly on my face. 

When the foundation was applied on my face, my face looked a little washed out. It looked nothing like how it came out of the bottle. 

I had to remind myself to wait a couple minutes for it to adapt to my skin tone. It didn't take a couple minutes... it took several minutes... Other than waiting for it to do it's job, I think it did quite well matching my skin. 

The finish was more of a satin finish which I really liked. It gave me a natural glow and made my dull skin look awake. It's not a bad foundation at all.

As far as coverage goes, it did really well on covering the redness on my face. I did apply this as medium coverage so it didn't hide my newly formed dark spot that I got from a pimple(yuck) a week ago. So, if applying it as medium coverage, concealer is a must!

Nuance Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation is a little bit more pricier than other drugstore foundation. The retail price is $14.99+tax. So far I only found this beauty line at CVS and nowhere else. Their color range is very limited. I think there's only about 8 colors. That's probably because it's suppose to adapt to your skintone. A big pus is that I found it helpful that they named it by what your undertone is. For example, I have yellow undertone. Usually yellow tends to be more on the warmer side than the cooler side. Cool would be considered more of a pink undertone. So knowing I have yellow undertone, I chose Light Warm 270 as my match which worked out very well. 

Overall, this foundation is pretty good. It does take a lot experimenting and patience to make it work(at least for me it did), but the outcome was pleasantly surprising. I do find that this feels a bit heavier on my face than  what I'm used to which I really don't like. This foundation is not drying and I think it'll be great using it during the next couple months before it gets warmer. 

Well, I hope this review was useful to you.

Thanks for reading!

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